Choosing Right


If you were to choose one of the objects above, on what basis will you choose?

It’s easy to choose an object. If you choose the green bottle, the red bottle & blue bottle won’t feel anything (I suppose). I can assure that they won’t hold grudges against me.

What happen if you have to choose a person? No, I’m not taking about choosing potential life partner here (please reserve you wild assumptions).

Many people has contributed some thing in my life. In every stage of my life. I am grateful for that. Very thankful, indeed. I am surrounded by great people around me (after having hard times eliminating the bad ones) more helpful hints.

I might have thousands of friends & acquaintances. I value each and every one of them. But, I think it is not my problem that you do not have affinity for each other. Or worse, dis-liking each other.

Do not ask me to choose. It would be unfair to me. Do not put me in a difficult situation.

If I adore & give compliments to Person A, it does not mean that I favor Person A much more Person B. And it does not make Person B less adequate compared to Person A. Person B might have help me or contribute in so many ways that Person A can’t.

Arrghh.. enough talking. I’m sure that Person A & Person B won’t read this entry.

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