New Blog 2009

Salam & hi readers,

This is my new blog. I started online blogging since 4 years ago. My writing frequency was reduced in 2008 as I started to begin my masters program in June ’08. I was very busy adapting to my study for the 1st few months.

As I look back, the previous blog was merely my site of expressing my frustrations, sadness, confusion etc. I don’t want to look back. I’m hoping for a better, improved, healthier and healed mind, body & soul in 2009.

Chinese astrology said that those who were born in the year Dog (including me) will have a better future in 2009, while 2008 was not a good year for them. Whether it is true or not, i will never stop striving and praying for betterment.

Inshaa Allah..

P/S: for illustration purpose only :-). I was trying the direct media upload function for this new WordPress.

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