The DEMAM Drama

Day 1 – Monday, Feb 23rd 09.

I started to feel feverish. Just took 2 PCM, hoping it to cure soon.

Day 2 – Tuesday, Feb 24th 09.

My fever worsened. I started to vomit every 30 minutes.

Day 3 – Wednesday, Feb 25th 09.

It’s 1am Wednesday. I sms & waited for my housemate Sham to come home. Told her bout my problem. She offered to take me whenever i want to (either HUKM.. or private clinic). But I was really afraid of the possibility to get warded. Then, i chose to go to private clinic. The doctor said my gastritis caused me to vomit. He gave me:

1. Antacid + simethicone suspension.
3. BUSCOPAN (Hyoscine).
4. Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS).

Then, went home. Less vomiting than before, but I still couldn’t sleep well. I even couldn’t take plain water..afraid to vomit again.

Wednesday morning, I called my Ibu. Telling her that I wanna go home. I feel that i couldn’t take care of myself. She didn’t want me to drive alone from KL to Kemaman..and advised me to ride a bus. OK, i asked Sham’s help again to send me to Putra Bus Station. Thanks to her, she waited until my bus made a move at 1pm. I reached Chendor (Cherating) at around 5pm. My Ibu just got back from work and straightaway fetched me there. Forgot to tell, I even asked the bus driver to stop at R&R Gambang for me to vomit.

Day 4 – Thursday, Feb 26th 09.

Resting at home, but the vomiting didn’t stop. After Maghrib, went to Poliklinik Ibnusina, Kemaman for a Maxolon injection, an anti-emetic (anti-vomiting). The doctor also gave some oral Maxolon & ORS.

Day 5 – Friday, Feb 27th 09.

Felt so dehydrated.. and realized that i couldn’t swallow any food. I was very lethargic. The main problem is that I became blackout whenever i was going places in the house. My parents were watching me closely. Thanks to them. But i know they started to get worried.. We went again to Poliklinik Ibnusina. I was given 1 pint of Normal Saline thru drips.

Day 6 – Saturday, Feb 28th 09.

I got worsened. Whenever i walked in the house, i got ‘blackout’ and some kind of fitting!

Day 7 – Sunday, March 1st 09.

I only remember until afternoon. I wanted to go to bathroom..and fell halfway. Started fitting..and loss sensorium. My father, Pa told me later on.. he tried to lead me to count from 1-10..but I failed.. (either in BM or English). They got even more worrried.. and sent me to emergency dept, Hospital Kemaman that night. (I couldn’t recall at all). They checked my body temperature..and found it was normal! But i was noted in confusion when admitted to the medical ward. I couldn’t recall anything happened that night!

My Pa told me that the doctors suspected that I either have brain tumor or meningitis based on my condition! They thought of sending me to Hospital Kuantan for CT (Computerized Tomography) Scan, but they waited to see my improvement.

Day 7 – Monday, March 2nd 09. (Day 1 in Ward)

I woke up and realized that I’m in hospital bed. My Ibu was at by my side, asking me what’s my name, who she is to me and where i was. I’m thinking, “is my condition that severe..until I being asked that kind of questions?” But, I realized that I’m still confused. I thought that time was Sunday the last time i remembered was Sunday afternoon!

Then, I spent the whole Monday sleeping.. with urine catheter drainage and drip were on.


~ my hand seems edematous ~

Day 8 – Tuesday, March 3rd 09. (Day 2 in Ward)

My condition improved. But my blood pressure was still low, around 90/45!! That explained why I feel dizzy when i got out from bed. I’m still scared to go to bathroom alone. My Ibu spent time with me at night in the ward. And she sent me to bathroom using wheelchair.

My potassium level was only 2.4 mmol/L (3.5 – 5.0 mmol/L is the normal range).

The diagnosis was: loss sensorium secondary to electrolyte imbalance + severe pharyngitis.

Day 9 – Wednesday, March 4th 09. (Day 3 in Ward)

I regained full consciousness. Now searching for my SMS my close frens. I was quite scared ..realizing that i couldn’t use my phone function well. Even to SMS takes me some times!

My BP (blood pressure) was gradually increasing.. but my potassium level was still 2.4 mmol/L. I got more depressed when i couldn’t swallow banana!

Since admitted, i was put on IV (intravenous) drips. I received:

1. Normal Saline (NS) + 1g KCL in each pint.
2. Dextrose 5% Saline (DS).
3. IV Ceftriaxone (ROCEPHINE).
4. IV Metronidazole (FLAGYL).
5. Mist KCl.

I’m not supposed to read the BHT (Bed Head Ticket). But, being a (clinical) pharmacist, I couldn’t help myself from being curious. My Ibu told the doctor during admission..that I have the possibility of Penicillin-allergic. I’ve experienced whole body rash once I received Amoxicillin a few years back.


Day 10 – Thursday, March 5th 09. (Day 4 in Ward)

My potassium level increased to 3.1 mmol/L. I forced myself very hard to eat banana. But never finish one. It hurts my oral cavity so much..i feel like crying. My Ibu not sleeping in the ward starting from tonite. She should have all the rest she needs. I’m afraid coz yesterday her BP dropped. As for my BP, it kept improving..with the amount of IV drips I received.

Day 11 – Friday, March 6th 09. (Day 5 in Ward)

My potassium level increased to 3.3 mmol/L. I thought I can be discharged today..but not yet. So frustrating. Thank God my friend from Kuantan came and brought Banana Choc cake from Secret Recipe (to increase my potassium level) and also magazines (Female & Cleo) to kill my time. Thanks so much! 😉

Throughout my hosp stay, I’ve finished reading latest publication of Jelita, Nona, Mingguan Wanita, Kosmopolitan, Nur & newspapers.

Day 12 – Saturday, March 7th 09. (Day 6 in Ward)

I’m being discharged today. Yeay! Finally.. Went home at about 12noon. Then, Ana & Alin + hubby + baby reached my house, Rumah Warisan. My Ibu ordered Pulut Kuning to show her thankfulness as I finally discharged from the ward (without more horrifying diagnosis). Borak with Ana & Alin.. and this is the first time i met Alin after her delivery. Amirul Zakuan is a 6-months baby now. The last time we met was when we were celebrating her bday (June 2008) and celebrating me going to pursue my masters program. For Ana, the she frequently dropping by my apartment in KL.. she go there either when having official tasks or for leisure.

Day 15 – Tuesday, March 10th 09.

Not much improvement. I’m still on antibiotics regimen.. and mist KCL (since I was discharged with below normal potassium level). My appetite was still very low. But I tried to eat:

1. MELILEA Greenfield Organic Drink.
2. HPA Cereal drink.
3. HPA Spirulina+Madu.
3. HPA Madu Lia (for cough).

Checked my BP at home.. slightly low (110/69) from my baseline. This might be the reason why I still feel dizzy.

Day 16 – Wednesday, March 11th 09.

Scariest thing happened. I felt dizzy in the bathroom..the minute I realized it, I fell down. Not a free-fall.. as I took precautionary measure by leaning on the wall. But I still fall down! And my left leg was sprained! Ouch! 🙁

Day 17 – Thursday, March 12th 09.

I went to Hospital Kemaman at 8.30am..for appointment to do BUSE (Blood Urea Serum Electrolyte) test. Alhamdulillah, my potassium level now within normal range (3.9 mmol/L). But I wonder why i still feel dizzy and nauseated. I know the doctor slightly suspected that I am pregnant.. but I told her I’m not married yet. It’s up to her to believe..

She prescribed:

1. Stemetil PRN.
2. PCM 1g TDS
(but I’m not feverish).

8 thoughts

  1. my goodness…how r u now feeling? kesiannya… pls take a good rest… and do make more check up on ur health…i’ll pray u would get well soon…

  2. fuiyo scary nye..

    tp what was the cause of the vomiting sume tuh in the first place? skang nih dh okey ke?

  3. Thanks As & KD.. cause of vomiting? Either from my gastritis atau mmg ada certain viral fever yg produce symptoms mcm tu.. Ada dgr case org lain yg have similar symptoms gak.. Wallahualam..

    Entry ni x abis lg citer.. cause lum smbuh.. ni br balik hosp for appointment amik darah nk check potassium level. Alhamdulillah OK..

  4. actually the ‘journey’ to the hospital is not over yet.. today i’ve spent a whole day accompanied kak yong to the hospital.. until i slept in the car while waiting for her..damn government hospital..huhu

  5. KY pun mcm nk menjerit & cabut tudung (exagerated) masa menunggu lama sgt. Anyway, thanks Uda..for sending & waiting. Maybe antara hikmah KY demam ni.. makin rapatkan hubungan keluarga kita n appreciate each other.. (that’s what I feel la..)..

  6. virus mmg jahat!! menci3x!! hahaha…emosi tak terkawal…

    kat sini kan…ade virus yg mmg org benci…(ade ke org sayang virus? huhu) virus ni muncul time2 winter…time ni, kadar muntah2, diarrhea & pening2 akan meningkat…

    huhu….ape2 pun…moga cepat2 sembuh ok!

    p/s: sedapnyer BANANA CHOC CAKE secret recipe!! *sambil mengesat lelehan enzim atas keyboard*

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