PDA Phones Comparison (2009)

My passion for PDA Phones started long time ago. The need to get one resurfaced when i started working. One of the main reasons was to install the software Micromedex Mobile in my computer. This is a very powerful and useful software for pharmacists, especially for those doing clinical pharmacy. I know that government hospitals (or institutions) buy and renew the software for a quite high price. I’ve seen an invoice of RM 16,000 for renewal of two main functions in that software; DRUGDEX (Drug Information) and POISINDEX (Toxicology Information). But as a staff from that institution that bought this software, we are able to install the mobile version of Micromedex in our Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The operating system (OS) requirement for this mobile software is either Windows Mobile (WM)(Pocket PCs) or Palm OS. Other OS like Symbian used in smartphones is not compatible. It can be updated instantly at each sync with the latest information.

Many asked me on how to install the Micromedex Mobile in their PDAs. You have to get the facility’s Customer Number from any computer installed with Micromedex in that facility. You’ll have to undergo registration which later requires basic information about you and also the Customer Number. Then, you just follow step-by-step guide on how to install the Micromedex Mobile to your PDA. You may also need an installation CD to install sync software, such as Microsoft ActiveSync (which is usually included when u buy your Pocket PC).

My friend, Ina SMS me last week..asking my recommendation on which brand/model of PDA to buy. She wanted to buy a PDA only, not a PDA phone. I don’t know how great the price difference between the two..as I used to have a PDA phone (which was stolen!). About the brands, I never use any other brands except O2. But, the last time i went to Lowyatt, the seller said the brand O2 is not widely sold in Malaysia now. New models a not many..and there are difficulties in finding the accessories / spare-parts. I dunno what’s the real reason. Maybe he’s trying to push the sale of HTC, a close competitor. I’ve became fond of O2 all this while. The service centre i went was in Berjaya Times Square.

OK, I dedicate this entry to Ina (& myself). I’ll give a short review on some of the latest PDA phones I’m dying to have. The price might be not accurate at the time of printing publication.


Samsung Omnia – RM 2599

Samsung Omnia is said to be a ‘have-it-all gadget’. The look is very stylish. It has Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 3.2 inch touchscreen, 5MP camera and built-in 8GB storage. Other than that, surely it has 3G, Wifi, GPS & push email function. All the things u need!


HTC Touch Diamond – RM 2388-RM 2468

HTC Touch Diamond has Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 2.8 inch touchscreen, 3.2MP camera and built-in 4GB storage. Other than that, it has 3G, Wifi and GPS.


HTC Touch HD – RM 3399

HTC Touch HD also has Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, a bigger 3.8 inch WVGA display offering a cinema experience on-the-go and also 3.5G and wifi function.


HTC Touch Pro – RM 3099

Not much I know about HTC Touch Pro. It has Windows Mobile, 3.5G and wifi function as well as push email.


HTC Touch 3G – RM 1999

This HTC is slightly cheaper than other HTC models..maybe due to it’s simple design. Anyway, it also has Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, 2.8 inch touchscreen, 3.2MP camera, 3.5G and wifi function


LG Prada (LGKF900) – RM 2999

I’m dreaming to own this Prada phone by LG. But, the price.. hmm.. But, cannot say much. It’s a PRADA u’re wearing (using). It’s a 3.5G smartphone, with 5MP camera and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The only setback for me is that it doesn’t have WM


Samsung Innov8 – RM 2899

Samsung Innov8 (pronounced as Innovate) is a high-end camera phone; 8MP camera with autofocus and 9x zoom! It also has a 3.5G and Wifi function, but sadly it doesn’t have WM.


Blackberry Phones

Someone talked to me about Blackberry. But I don’t have much interest in Blackberry. Their distinct function is push email (among others). But, I don’t think I really need push email. I’m not the one who always on the go. I get access to internet at home & office, 24 hours a day. If you are interested, you can browse further on Blackberry. Blackberry Pearl is slim in design, while some models of Blackberry Curve has GPS function.

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