Singapore-Batam Trip

Day 1 – Saturday

Early 2009, I went to Singapore and Batam Island in Indonesia with Zue, Ana & former classmates in pharmacy school. We chose one fine Saturday to take Airasia flight to Spore (RM180). Our flight to Spore boards at 3pm.


We reached Spore around 350pm. Walked around the airport, found the Uniquely Spore booth and grabbed some brochures on travelling/shopping in Spore. Took a cab to our hotel, Treasure Resort Sentosa located in the heart of Sentosa Island. Sitting elegantly on a gentle slope right beneath The Merlion and overlooking the sea, Treasure Resort boasts her colonial architectural heritage tracing back to the 1940s. However, there’s construction work being done. So, the swimming pool is not available for us. Yet, the price? RM 695 for 1 night + bfast for 4 person + the card for getting around in Sentosa for 4 person! I guess, the most expensive hotel room in my life.. The room is OK..comfy & cozy..but too small from what we expected from a ‘Deluxe room’.


After much resting & munching our foods, we went out at night using the free ride from Imbiah to Harborfront. The Imbiah station is just opposite our hotel entrance. From Harborfront, we took the train to Esplanade. The place was overcrowded and we put some effort searching halal food..and we were getting very hungry by then. We chose one Thai restaurant and had to wait for half an hour before we could get in. 3 of us ordered Nasi Goreng Thai Special.. and it was very hot & f***ing spicy..i couldn’t finish my dish. And it was RM32 per dish! We went back to hotel by cab after the delayed dinner and a few photo-shoots.

Day 2 – Sunday

After bfast, we straightaway check-out from the room. And started our tour in Sentosa Island. We planned to do the Luge & Skyride..but hot weather made us dehydrated and too tired to try the activities.

We just took bus rides & beach trams to get around the island. Went to Siloso beach.. wonder how they play beach volleyball in bikini in this freakingly hot wheather. We stopped and got a taste of 3 scoops of Ben & Jerry icecream with the cost RM15. We walked around Imbiah Lookout later on before getting to the souvenir shop to get something.


I felt more dehydrated and didn’t have the energy to walk around Sentosa anymore. We decided to go to Batam early so that we can get some rest. Took the free Sentosa bus ride to Harborfront. Getting hungry by then..still having prob getting halal food, we decided to take our dinner in Batam once we reach there. Our main agenda in Batam is shopping.


The return ferry ticket price from Spore-Batam costs us around RM100 per person. Plus, SGD 7 tax to be paid per person. We board the ferry at 430pm..and reached Batam about one hour later.



Performed Zuhur-Asar & Maghrib-Isya’ prayers at a surau in Batam Centre, we met a very nice lady Mrs. Bambang there. She is a dentist with her own dental clinic. She guided us on where to shop and where to stay in Batam. A very useful info. Then, she lead us to Batam Megamall by connecting bridge from Batam Centre. We never knew Batam is very industrialized. We had our long-awaited dinner there.. So relieved to get halal food easily. Thanks to Mrs. Bambang. We then took a cab ride to Puri Garden Hotel, near Nagoya area where we going to shop the next day. We took a Deluxe room to accomodate 4 of us. Quite satisfied with the room. Very spacious, with a dining table and a sofa in addition to other basic amenities. Resting the whole night.

Day 3 – Monday

After bfast at the hotel, we walked around Nagoya..asking ppl around on the shop names as suggested by Mrs. Bambang. We went shopping for the whole day. The aim is to get back in hotel before the day gets dark. Original perfume is very cheap there. I bought Bulgari Omnia Crystalline for RM 230-240 (40ml) in KL. Here, the same perfume in 75ml only costs around RM 100-120! We managed to get some perfume after 2-3 hours bargaining in a shop named Coco. Then, we walked around Nagoya to search for handbags. Original handbags are slightly cheap than in Malaysia. But the brands are limited to Bonia, Elle, Braun Buffel.. to name a few. The replica handbags are abundant..with different grades based on quality. My friend bought branded watches which is slightly cheaper than in Malaysia.

We stopped to have our lunch..having the famous Nasi Padang.. with many lauks. generic viagra in usa. And thank God the restaurant provides prayer room. Easy for us. We continued shopping until evening. Our last stop was at a shop suggested by Mrs. Bambang (Milan). We spent time for our final shopping there. All of us bought original sunglasses from that shop..(with a special price for Mrs. Bambang’s friends). We got the famous Kek Pisang Batam there..A yummy banana cake coated with either chocolate or cheese topping. So delicious!! I’m still craving for it.
The best part was the owner of the shop asked her personal driver to send us back to hotel after shopping in her shop!!


Arrived safely at the hotel. For dinner, we had the Batam famous seafood (I forgot the place). The crab, prawns & fish were very fresh! We loved every dish. Went back to hotel, we rushed to redeem the free spa treatment (Batam is also famous for cheap spa). Our hotel gave us free 2 spa treatment (sauna, whirlpool etc) per day. Other treatments such as body massage can be enjoyed with good price (cheaper than in Msia).

Day 4 – Tuesday

After much resting, we woke up and had our bfast at the hotel. Everybody was satisfied with the whole-day shopping trip yesterday. We packed our things and checked out from the hotel at 930am. We only paid RM150/ person for 2 nights stay + bfast for 2 days + spa treatment. Very affordable! Makes us wanna come again.. ?

We reached Batam Centre (the jetty) at around 10am. It was still early. Our ferry boards at 11am and reached Spore Harborfront at around 1pm. We then took a cab to Changi airport. Had our lunch there before boarding our flight at 415pm. We reached LCCT at around 5.05pm. Performed Zuhur-Asar prayer before Ana made a move to KLIA to catch her flight to Kuantan, while Zue & Yatt waited for their flight back to KB. After Magrib, I took the Skybus ride to KL Sentral. Already heading home in KL.. with sweet memories of the trip.

Cant wait for our next trip!

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  1. kedai yg terlupa name tu kedai milan… hehehehehe fobia tak nk gi batam lagi? xmau puri garden lagi! huhuhu seram

  2. Haha.. cemana aku leh ‘hilang ingatan’ camni. kedai Milan last stop kite.. Ermm.. fobia? Tak jugak.. tp yg penting jgn gi hotel tu dah..walaupun harga very good.. Lain kali leh gi Hotel lain plak. Swiss-Bel Hotel katanya takde benda camtu.. x jauh dr Nagoya gak.. tp maybe kne amik cab.

    Kalu nk try I-Hotel best mewah semacam je.. kne sedia $ juta2 rupiah la… Holiday Inn pun ada klu x silap..tapi aku tak sure dekat tak ngan shopping area…

  3. saya pon brw gi aritu. sy bwk 2 juta rupiah. 1 malam sudah abis. btol2 kena ketuk dgn org sana. hotel je da 800,000 rp. rugi2.

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