Album preview: Singapore-Batam


~ Spore-Batam Trip ~

kolaj 3

~ Beach tram to Siloso ~

Finally, I’ve compiled da pics taken during my trip to Spore & Batam (refer to my entry Spore-Batam Trip on March 12th).

Tried to upload them to Facebook album but failed due to unknown reason. This is the sneak peak of the album. Maybe i’ll try to upload them all (100 pics more or less) after i finish my exam.

P/S: Can u see, my writing becomes shorter than usual? This is da style of writing during ‘exam-dah-dekat’ mode. Please bear with me.


~ Spore ~

kolaj 2

~ jalan2 Spore ~


~ Around Sentosa Island ~


~ Batam Island shopping trip ~

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