Psychiatric Attachment (Part 2)


I wrote the entry Psychiatric Attachment on March 24th ’09. This is the second part.

I remember the time when i went to the female psychiatric ward again. Still as cautious as before, I browsed through the patient’s medical records to search for interesting cases purchase viagra online in usa. Suddenly, a voice stopped me. There was a chinese patient approaching me, with a magazine in Bahasa Melayu in her hand.

“Bole saya nak tanya sesuatu..?”

I was like.. Damn! Please don’t ask me something I don’t know…


“Ermm.. maksudnya.. kalau tak berusaha, takkan dapat hasilnya…”

“RUYUNG tu apa? Macam mana bentuknya?”

Owh..No! I’ve never thought of how a RUYUNG would look like.. Image of ruyung has never been stored in my memory.. *sigh*..

I couldn’t remember the ridiculous final answer I gave her. But she replied with a thanks and a smile on her face.

What did I do? I crawled walked out the area, slowly..while hoping that nobody heard that conversation.

I Googled, and finally found how a ruyung looks like from the blog Minda Bahasa.

~ Ruyung ~

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10 thoughts

  1. okeh, slame nih aku ingat ruyung tuh mcm satu bekas (buyung) yg menyimpan sagu.

    tp bila tgk gambar nih br aku terpk ruyung tuh apa. teringat ulat sagu yg gemuk dompot ituuu..

  2. aku sendiri pun tak tahu ruyung camtu.. tq bagi info ni.. mmg susah ek nak dptkan sagu. kesian kita generasi bandar tak kenal ruyung camana.. ngee

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