Psychiatric Attachment

I’m doing Psychiatric (elective) attachment. This is my final attachment before I finish my program..(Insha Allah..).

I went to the female psychiatric ward.. (didn’t have the courage to go to male ward). There were some patients who wandering around in the ward.. I believe they are those with mild symptoms. Otherwise, they would be restrained. I was doing my work at the sofa, facing the TV. And there was this girl (a patient) sitting beside me. She was eyeing me curiously..while I was afraid sitting there & hoping that she won’t ask me anything.. as I don’t know how to respond appropriately. And thank God she continued to watch TV peacefully beside me..and I managed to watch TV as well continue my work.

I am quite stressed now. Having to undergo my current attachment (Psychiatric) but still working on my previous attachment (Pediatrics). I’m preparing for the delayed pediatrics major presentation as I was still warded when others presented their cases. And final exam is in April! Oh my..

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