A slap in the face

I’m thinking.. whether I need a high dose of caffeine or a SLAP in the face! Reason being.. ngantuk!!

What is happening to me? I take substantial hours of sleep, but still sleepy. My body is aging? I couldn’t deny that, too. I can feel that my metabolism is slower than my youngers years..huhu..

I still have a lot of things to do..I’m at the final part of my master’s program. Have to do major tasks in May..and preparing to submit in June. I only have pieces of them now..here and there. Owh.. Ya Allah.. And it’s May 12th. Only a few weeks before June comes. I’m really behind time.. Isk.. On the contract, my one-year study leave will end soon.. on June 24th 2009. After that, i’ll go back to work.
Ya Allah..please gimme strength and courage..so that I can finish this program.. and after that only I can plan for the next big step in life – kawen start applying to do PhD, maybe.

One thought

  1. haha….slap in d face huh?? cool… i was thinking to do d same to me too…. 🙂
    yup, u shud start think of marriage..its a part of life…

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