Moving home (if I can call Kuantan home)..

This is my last day in KL.

One of my friends once told me.. “You’ll miss KL one day”. Hmm..well, I dunno. I always have this love-hate relationship with the city Kuala Lumpur (no offense ya KL ppl). Maybe I’m not that ‘city girl’ enuf. I love living in KL when I have endless shopping complexes and various boutiques to choose upon. And, not forgetting Isetan with it’s endless sales & promotion. But. I really hate it when I’m stuck in traffic jam and having to pay overpriced parking charges etc (the most i’ve paid for parking at KLCC was RM 20.50…and I felt like crying!) Yeah, we don’t have that in Kuantan / Tganu.


I’m not good in moving places. I mean, when I have to vacant my current residence and settle in a different one. Phew..! It really drains my energy out…esp for people like me, who has tonnes of clothes, handbags and shoes!!

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