September Rain


Yes, it is September. 1st day. And it is raining outside. I started writing this entry after Subuh prayer. It’s almost 2 months after my last entry. What I can say is life has been hectic for me for the past 2 months. They were eventful months.

Life has turned 360 degrees for me. I still remember a few months back when i was still struggling to finish my master degree.. And before I realize it, I am now a lecturer..right after I finish my 365-days study leave.

I was too busy adapting at work. Coincidentally, I reported for duty on July 1st and the new semester of this academic year started on July 13th. Perfect timing! Yea, for me to adapt with the teaching environment, to get things ready for the subject I am coordinating before the semester starts etc.

Anyway, as we always realize..time flies FAST. Today, my students will sit for their mid semester exam. All the best for them (hope they can answer my questions).

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