SHOO! Jimmy Choo: A Book Review

One of my 2010 resolution is to READ MORE. Last year, I was too busy finishing my master degree and spent day & nite reading pharmacy books/journals. It put me in desperate need of reading something that doesn’t have the word “pharmacy“, “drug”, “medication“, etc.

This is one of the books I read this year:

I have to admit that the color & title of this book are very catchy! It says: “SHOO! Jimmy Choo: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More“.

I really love this book. I got it at Kinokuniya for RM56.95. At first, I thought – What? Jimmy Choo (the famous shoe designer) writes a book on saving $? No, he does not. The book was written by Catey Hill, the money editor for Like most of us women, Catey Hill is also crazy for shoes! In this book, she will:

* Help you evaluate why you spend.
* Tweak your spending habit.
* Help you get out of debt.
* Help you create a savings and retirement plan that even lets you splurge sometimes.

The target audience for this book are working girls in their 20’s to 30’s. Though I sense that the writer is targeting the single women. But, it feels good for a married woman (like me) to be financially savvy and be able to work together with husband in managing household income (instead of causing my the husband goes bankrupt due to my her addiction towards shoes/handbags/clothes/tudung /accessories,etc.

Among the topics covered in this book: student loans, car payments, investing, saving for a home, and more. Believe me, it’s a fun & hilarious + easy to read! There’s a lot of useful financial tips in there. I’m lying if I say that I’ve totally given up shopping for handbag/shoes after reading this book. At least, it gives me sufficient time to think before grabbing one during spontaneous shopping binges!

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