The ‘Commitment’

For me, doing PhD is equivalent to getting married. You do not get married just because all your friends have been tying the knots. Same goes with doing your doctoral degree. When your friend, sister or brother embarks on their PhD journey, it does not mean that you need to join them immediately. It is a huge decision and it requires a certain level of commitment from you. If you feel that you are ready to take that responsibility, go for it; either getting married or do your doctoral degree, or do both.

I took a almost a year to plan this; searching for a suitable university, searching for potential supervisor, where to collect the data, etc..

After I completed my master degree, I was given 6 months by the university (my employer) for me to enroll into a PhD program. 6 months period is short! I spent the whole 6 months to adapt with teaching environment, my new job scopes, etc. I requested for a deferment, and they granted one-year only.

I was busy with my wedding preparation for the first half of the year. Only after that, I managed to put extra effort to get ready to start my PhD.

For those who are mentally and physically ready for The Commitment, best of luck!

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