Library Remote Access

In doing postgraduate study, it’s crucial to get access to a good university library website and online databases. Usually, once U get registered in a university as a student/staff, you’ll get access to the library. You’ll have to register your library account in order to do that. As a staff of IIUM, I got the advantage to use the IIUM library facility. But, you have to know one thing about it. We can easily access IIUM Lib databases when we use IIUM internet (LAN/Wifi), but NOT when you’re outside the campus. So, you have to configure (only once) your web browser in order to get the Off-Campus Access.

You can get the instructions from this link (for user of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera web browser, Apple Safari, or Avant browser)

P/S: We have to go back to Kemaman tonight for my sis’ wedding this weekend.

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