Mixed Grill @ Hala Restaurant, Istanbul

I still cannot forget the taste of this dish, even after 2 weeks we left Istanbul. The most luxurious dish we ate so far. As the name implies, it is an assortment of grilled meats; chicken, beef, lamb and also shish kebab (meat threaded on skewer & grilled). Vegetables were included; sliced carrot & cucumber, tomatoes & grilled chillies. We ordered this dish, for two person. The price was Turkish Lira (TL)30 x 2 = TL60 (~RM102).

We enjoyed this dish on our final night in Istanbul. After I finished with my presentation, we strolled along Istiklal Cadessi, arms in arms. I needed to savor the final smell of Istanbul, especially at my favorite shopping street. Nevertheless, the prominent smell we encountered was cigarette smokes, from hundreds or thousands of people enjoying their weeknight there.

We stopped at Hala Restaurant for dinner. I must thank my friend, KD for suggesting this place. It is a local favorite, the place was full with local people as well as tourists. The food was delicious, the price was reasonable.

Note: Go to eat where locals eat, to ensure fair pricing.

If you happen to stay in Beyoglu neighborhood, don’t miss it. Hala restaurant is located on the left side of Istiklal Cadessi (pedestrian street), when you face away from Taksim Square.

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