I’m bringing the whole house! ;-)


I’m quite excited. My husband & I will be going to Istanbul tonight (at midnight).

We’re doing our final checklist:

1. International Passport / Visa

Checked. Passport should valid for at least 6 months from travel date. In case of Turkey, we do not need visa to enter the country.

2. Credit cards

We already called our banks informing that we’re going overseas on certain dates. So they won’t be alarmed to suddenly see transactions at thousand miles from Malaysia!

3. Mobile roaming

My Maxis roaming service has been activated before. So, no prob to use my mobile there (with roaming charges). For smartphone users, please turn off your Data connection (3G, GPRS, etc) as the data roaming charges are damn expensive!!

4. Medications

It’s a good idea to carry your own meds from home country.. You don’t know how far pharmacy shops would be from your hotel there. Different countries use different brand names for a particular drug. So, they may not be familiar with the brands you are asking.

5. Food & Drinks

I always bring instant hot drinks (Milo, etc). It’s so much cheaper to make your own drink at hotel room than buying a cup of hot chocolate from a fancy cafeteria near/at your hotel.

Besides that, we are also bringing some other food (packed biscuits & buns) to carry around later.

6. Universal adaptor

We bring 1 universal adaptor & 1 wire extension (with 4 or 5 ports) to recharge our phones, iPads, camera battery & laptop.

7. Moisturizers

For face: I’m bringing whatever I usually use (in mini size).


For lips: I love this Medicated Lip Balm and Tinted Lip Balm (in Pink Blossom) from Burt’s Bees.

For body: bringing Burt’s Bees. Hubby can also use this ?

8. Aircraft cabin LAG rules
<img src="http://www.syahierafarhana.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/20111031-224354.jpg" alt="20111031-224354 investigate this site.jpg” HEIGHT=”200″ WIDTH=”300″ />

LAG refers to liquid, aerosol & gels (including cosmetics) to be hand-carried into aircraft cabin. You have to put LAG into a clear container for easy inspection. Size for each item should not exceed 50g or 50ml.

9. Facial mist

I’m using Vichy Eau Thermale facial mist. It’s very useful to use during long flights, to freshen your face and avoid dehydration. Spray this to your face, and u’ll fell like u just stepped out of shower ?

10. Good walking shoes
U really need this!

And finally…



I’m excited! ?

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