Blue Mosque @ Istanbul, Turkey

The whole day we spent in Sultanahmet is specially dedicated to my husband. He loves historical places so much. Not that I don’t appreciate history. All I can say is that he loves it MUCH MORE than I do.

Public transportation in Istanbul is very efficient. As usual, we utilized the Metro (subway) to bring us from Taksim to Kabatas. From Kabatas, we (conveniently) changed to tram line. We boarded the tram from Kabatas, and stopped at Sultanahmed station.

We walked not more than 100 meter from the station, and saw this magnificent view:

It was end of October. Day temperature was estimated at 10 degree Celcius. We can feel the coldness whenever wind blows. It was a good, sufficiently sunny day to go outdoor, unlike the first day we were in Istanbul when it rained continuously.

The Blue Mosque, which is also called as Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a historical mosque in Istanbul. While still used as a mosque, the Blue Mosque is also a very popular tourist attraction. Visiting Blue Mosque while you are in Istanbul is comparable with going to Eiffel Tower while you are in Paris, in my opinion.

At the Blue Mosque entrance

The mosque is opened to public 7 days a week. However, it will be closed for about half an hour during prayer times, 5 times a day. On Fridays, the mosque is closed for a longer time since the prayer is longer. You won’t be charged any entrance fee (it’s a functioning mosque, by the way). The visitors are allowed to enter from the north door, while the west door is reserved for Muslim worshippers.

Note: Shoes need to be removed when you walk inside the mosque. Before entering, you will be given a plastic bag for your shoes.

My husband was very fascinated by a monument outside the mosque

The close-up of the mosque shows the minarets & domes. The interior is so beautiful & grand-ish. Can see some visitors performing Solah (prayer)

“The real thrill of visiting the Blue Mosque lies as you approach it. Entering it is an overwhelming experience. As you enter the compound, you see the six minarets towering in front of you. You look upwards to the domes and each dome rises higher than the other does until you reach the main dome. Here, as you look up, you seem to face the heavens above”.

You can read more info on Blue Mosque here.

At the beautiful park outside the Mosque, before we walked towards Hagia Sophia

Please take the chance to visit other tourist attractions such as Hagia Sophia (museum) and Topkapi Palace while you are in Sultanahmed. Trip Advisor suggested that you spend 3-5 hours for visiting those three historical places. They are all within walking distances.


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