Everything is figure-out-able

Dear blog,

I know I haven’t been writing here for so long. Just to update that I am still alive. 🙂

Last year was quite hectic with personal, work and family obligations. I was not at my healthiest state at that time. Stressful life takes a toll on me.

2016 has turned a new leaf. My husband and I faced some uncertainties in our career path, and some challenging situations. Despite all that, we just take it day by day, month by month. Living the present moment, and keeping our relationship strong.

We are grateful that we are able to see the silver lining out of the life challenges. “Everything is figure-out-able” is my current favourite quote (the term originally coined by @marieforleo). No matter how challenging the situation you’re facing, just remember that you’ll be able to figure something out (and solve the issues). Have faith, and trust that The Universe (God) has your back.

Photo taken last weekend. Spending time with each other (working), yet can safely ignore each other 🙂

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