30-Day Blogging Challenge ?

This month is special to me. I’m excited to see 2017, but I’m not quite ready to leave 2016 yet. So I decided do something new (and hopefully remarkable) in the final month of the year. So, I challenge myself to blog daily for 30 days. DAILY!

I know it’s gonna be a challenging (it won’t be considered a challenge if it’s easy, right?) task for me. But, writing/blogging is something I love doing. So, why not?

Now at 3rd day of the challenge, I can say that writing a short blog post daily is quite do-able. But, to finish a blog post with photos is more daunting. Selecting and editing photos take time. Uploading the photos also takes some time, depending on internet connection. I may get bored and demotivated during the process. Then, aligning and resizing the photos on the site.

I guess I can’t aim for too much perfection. Just need to get my crafts shipped out.