Simplify My Life

I’ve been on a personal project to SIMPLIFY MY LIFE for quite some time now. I was so overwhelmed with everything. I was stuck and I didn’t know what to do. I was ‘drown’ in stuffs. Being a shopaholic made it worse.

The first realization was when my husband and i got back from hajj in 2012. Having accustomed to living out of suitcase (literally and figuratively) for 45 days, I got used to having only a few essential belongings. And I realized that I can live with very few clothing (3 jubah, 3 tudung, 1 pair of telekung, 1 telekung top, 1 pair of sandals to go everywhere). No makeup, obviously. I just wear facial moisturizer with sun protection and lip balm.

Six of us shared a dorm-like room, no closet to store or hang out clothes (now I look back, how was that even possible!???). All our belongings were contained in the 29inch luggage we carried, which can be pushed nicely under our own bed. We had a single door fridge in the room, a small Kitchenete (a table top where we can place food – bread, etc), and one bathroom.

Amazingly, we feel ENOUGH.

When we reached home in Malaysia, our home suddenly feels so huge with so much stuffs in it. I started to declutter my belongings, and my life gets so much better. Now, I can live with fewer stuffs, I shop less, I appreciate and use what I have more. It’s a long process (I could not remember WHEN exactly I started it). But it is worth it.

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