Me & The Sea

I’m at the beach. Listening to the sound of waves and feeling the wind on my face make me calm. Looking at the waves crashing on the shore, washing over the sand and taking all the debris back to the sea as if washing away my worries, my fears.

The sand is clean and clear. The beach is empty except for the two of us. I need my mind to get clearer. As clear as the beach. The sun is scorching hot on my head. I don’t seem to bother, as it doesn’t match the agitation I feel inside.

He knows that I needed to be at a beach. From time to time, I need to be in my element. He understands. No questions asked. I need this. For my own sanity. Only a sane person can keep him/herself happy. And only well-balanced people becomes the building blocks of a happy relationship.

Me and the beach. I have a long term relationship with the sea. I was born and raised near the sea. South China Sea. In a state with the longest and very beautiful shoreline. Where beautiful and kind people living their peaceful, tranquil life.

I get energized by the water element. The sand, the sound of waves. And everything about it. And he knows it. By now he’s 100 meter away doing his own thing. I believe that he’s giving me space. To do what I needed to do at the moment. I am now clearing my head by putting my thoughts on Simplenote app of my phone. It takes a great man to allow me to be myself. My true self. And not changing me into someone I’m not.

10 minutes passes by. I feel better already. The sun is getting hotter. We better go home. Instinctively he knew it and started walking towards where I am sitting. His arm stretched, pulling me to stand up. We then walked away from the beach, hand in hand. I’m leaving my worries and fear behind. I’m bringing only the good energy coming from the sea.

Till we meet again.

Photo by
unsplash-logoMink Mingle