I recently had a nice lunch with my dear friend. While browsing the menu, she mentioned something about me being more adventurous on trying new food. On the other hand, she is more comfortable with ‘safe’ choices.

I am not super-adventurous. But, I do want variety and novelty in my experience. I always look forward to try new, interesting options. I can get bored when life becomes monotonous.

As she was browsing the menu..

She: How do you choose new food to try?
Me: I pick based on what interests me.
She: What if the food turn out to be bad?
Me: The choice comes with risks.
She: So, you are a RISK TAKER?
Me: Yes, I believe I am.
She: How do you feel or react if the food not up to your expectation? Do you feel angry?
Me: Not angry, usually. A little bit disappointed perhaps. But, then I just move on. I learn not to repeat that order, and I might try new dish next time.
She: Okay..!

She looked like she finally found the answer, and then chose an exotic looking tomato-based mocktail infused with mint.

It’s a simple conversation we had over food. But, it became an interesting thought process. During the conversation, I realized that the way I treated my food choice is similar with the way I treat and face new things in life. We won’t know whether we like something or someone until we try. And for me, better live a life by doing, instead of letting go of opportunities.

Now, you go back and read the conversation by changing the word “food” to “things”. It gives a clearer picture.

Photo by
unsplash-logoJoanna Kosinska